Posted by on Jan 4, 2012 in Children, Featured, Home & Family

Dangerous Games for Kids

Of course we love it when our kids socialize and play. They make some new friends and get some activity in for the day. You remember them playing games like Gold Fish and Duck Duck Goose. However are you paying attention to the fatal games that are out there? In this day and age kids have been influenced to play games that are not good or healthy. In fact they have led to many deaths and fatalities. Basically they are nothing but trouble. So what are some of these games kids play that we should be watching out for?

The chocking game is probably the top deadly game to look out for. What happens in this game? The player will chock themselves or even choke fellow friends or peers until they get the feeling of passing out. It gives them the feeling of being high. Kids of 9 years of age or even younger have died from this game as well as many teens around the world. They do not want to do drinks or drugs so they do this game instead.  What are some of the signs to watch out for in regards to if your child is playing this game? Some of the signs include bloodshot eyes, neck abrasions, hiding the neck with clothing, and even mood changes.

Another deadly game out there is called the Chubby Bunny. In this game the player will take marshmallows and place them increasingly in their mouth. As they place the marshmallows in their mouth, they have to say the words chubby bunny. The choking hazard present in the game is pretty serious and all parents should be aware of it. Please talk with your child about it and keep them safe.

Rape Tag is another dangerous and harmful game that kids are playing nowadays. Think of it as a version of Freeze Tag. The players tag one another and then make sexual gestures. The sexual gestures would be the way to free them from the freeze state.

Remember playing a game in which you name an object that corresponds to the letter of the alphabet. It was just a fun game to play in order to pass time. However kids have made up a crazy version of the game. In this version, the players will name objects that begin with consecutive letters of the alphabet. As they go through the game, they scratch the letters into each other’s arms with their fingernails. The scratching causes pain and can also lead to many skin infections.

These are just a few of the games kids could be playing nowadays. Keep an eye on your children and keep them safe!